BBQ Accessory Kit

$199.99 $370

Introducing the all-new BBQ Accessory Tool Kit from Louisiana Grills®. Complete with everything you need to craft elevated, mouthwatering barbecue right from your backyard. From cooking tools to hardwood pellets, we've got you and your wood pellet grill or smoker covered this spring.

Included in your kit:

  • All-in-one BBQ tool
  • Big head spatula
  • Palmyra cleaning brush & replacement head
  • Chicken throne
  • Magnetic cutting board
  • Wireless digital meat thermometer
  • 4 pk. foil bucket liners
  • A-MAZE-N 6x6 smoker maze
  • A-MAZE-N pellets - 2 lb. Pitmasters Choice
  • A-MAZE-N pellets - 2 lb. Mesquite
  • A-MAZE-N pellets - 2 lb. Pecan

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