Sweet Chili Short Ribs

Cook Time

300 Mins

Cooking Method






Prep Time

1440 Mins




8 Beef Short Ribs

1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 cup Green Onions, Diced

2 tbsp Honey

1/2 cup Pepper Garlic BBQ Sauce

1 tbsp Sweet & Tangy Rub

2 cups Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce

1 tbsp Thyme, Dried

Cooking Instructions

One of the most tender, flavorful cuts of beef, short ribs always elevate a meal. These marinated, smoked ribs are perfect as an entrée or appetizer to impress your next dinner party.

Wood Pellet Recommendation

In order to bring out the sweet contrast in this recipe, we recommend using our Pennsylvania Cherry Hardwood Pellets.

Note: This recipe uses Louisiana Grills Sweet & Tangy Rub, Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce and Pepper Garlic BBQ Sauce.

  1. Trim fat from short ribs and remove membrane if needed
  2. Marinade - In a bowl, whisk together LG Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce, LG Sweet & Tangy Rub, honey, olive oil and thyme
  3. Place ribs in shallow pan or resealable bag and pour in marinade mix. Coat ribs thoroughly to marinate and refrigerate covered (or sealed in the bag) overnight
  4. Heat Louisiana Grill to 250° and place ribs bone side down on grill grate. Allow to cook for 5 hours. Just before removing, glaze with Pepper Garlic BBQ Sauce
  5. Place on a serving plate, garnish with green onion and enjoy

Special Tools

  • Tongs


Looking for some sides to complement this dish? Try pairing it with a cheesy polenta and grilled asparagus

Diet Info

  • Flexible Dieting