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Barbecued Popcorn

Barbecued Popcorn

Cook Time

10 Mins



Prep Time

2 Mins



Barbecued Popcorn


Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Roasting Pan
Popcorn, Kernels

Cooking Instructions

  1. When we say your can grill anything, we REALLY mean it! Barbecue your popcorn for a movie night and add some butter for an extra treat.

  2. Set grill to 350°F.

  3. Cover the bottom of the aluminum pan with the popcorn kernels. Seal the pan with aluminum foil.

  4. Place on grill until the kernels begin to pop. Using tongs, shake once popping begins. Keep grilling until popping ceases.

  5. Add seasoning and butter and enjoy!

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